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Futurespace: An Electronic Music Rhythm Game from the year 2049

Futurespace is currently in Early Access as we deepen and broaden our future DJ music game. Currently we have the following features:

Playing the unique "HexaSynth" virtual instrument you'll sound and feel like you're really playing the music. A 5-pad and a 9-note marimba keyboard that will really test how fast you can fling those drumsticks. 
Miss a beat or note, you'll hear it! Each track is split into different layers, miss a beat and that track gets cut from the mix.

Reach out, pick up those sticks and start playing!
Licensed tracks from real-life house and trance artists, which we plan to keep expanding during development.

Play a track well and you'll be rewarded stars to unlock the next set of tracks. Higher difficulty means more pads and keys to manage and more notes to hit.

* S rank - 1 star
* B,A rank - 1 star
* D,C rank - 1 star

Per-track global and local leaderboards allow you to compete against steam players across the world or with your friends in your living room. The bigger your streak, the more accurate your timing, the higher your score.

Use the post-game stats review to work out where you can up your game. Hitting those notes too early and missing our on valuable points?

* Streak - consecutive note hits. Miss a note and your streak resets to zero.
* Accuracy - how many notes in total you managed to hit
* Timing - how accurate your hit was to the note. Perfect=3 points, Good=2, Boo=1.
* Spam - just hitting the pads hoping you'll hit notes? Bonus points if you're nice and clean with your hits.

Having a party? Everyone else gets to watch all the action from the virtual spectator camera flying around the stage, just like watching a music video. Toggle on and off with the spacebarif no-one is watching - it'll improve performance.

Each level has its own mix of lights and special effects that react to how good you play. Play well and all the strobes and lasers will be turned up to 11! Screw up and the crowd are going to start booing when the strobes stop blinking.

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