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Neotrie VR

Virtual Dor, Universidad de Almería

NeoTrie VR is a software that enables users to create, manipulate, and interact with 3D geometrical objects and 3D models in general, of several types.


  • Plane geometry visible through the eyes of a third dimension.
  • 3D geometry and modelling meant for 3D printing.
  • Develops handicrafts and 3D visual skills.
  • Stimulates deductive and inductive reasoning skills.
  • Highlights cooperative work and positive interdependence.
  • Motivates pupils by means of recreational, collaborative and competitive games.


  • 2D and 3D Geometry: parallels and perpendiculars, angles, lengths, areas, volumes, ...
  • Projections of 3D figures using interactive light bulbs.
  • Construction of polyhedra (Platonics, pyramids, prisms, antiprisms, Archimedean, Johnson, Kepler, etc.).
  • Spatial symmetries of 3D figures, translations, rotations, reflections, etc.
  • Homotheties to make varied geometric fractals.
  • Crystalline networks from fundamental cells.
  • Euler 3D graphs (Seven Königsberg bridges problem).
  • Hamiltonian graphs (Salesman’s problem).
  • Coloring graphs (based on Four colours theorem).
  • More in development...


  • Galleries of hundreds of pre-designed geometric figures.
  • Speech Recognition System to insert figures in the scenario. (Compatible only with languages that support speech recognition in the Microsoft API).
  • File system to load and save scenes created by users. 
  • Multiplayer tool that enables users to create, play and learn together in the same scene (alpha version).
  • Photo camera and video recording inside the VR scene.
  • More in development...

Neotrie VR is published in the European educational platform Scientix.


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