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This is a wonderful virtual world!

You can join Galaxity with any VR devices including mobile VR and standalone. You can enjoy the fantastic VR life by simply connecting to the network anytime and anywhere. There are various mini-games in Galaxity such as soccer, baseball, multiple survival modes and so many other contents that you can enjoy with your friends together. You can also change your costume and enjoy a night party with colorful fireworks or watch a great movie with loved ones. Join Galaxity now and enjoy all these contents for free!

Sign in with Facebook

Do you have your Facebook account? If you connect to a virtual city with your Facebook account, your data will be stored and you can play at any other VR devices

Create your avatar

We have a variety of hair, skin, clothing and color options for you to customize your avatar. Show your creativity avatar to friends in the virtual world.

Talk to people and make friends

Galaxity provides a voice chat feature. You can communicate with people using your own voice or use various character expressions to communicate and become a friend with people from different nations.

Play various mini games

We offer you a variety of mini-games, such as soccer, baseball, and multiple survival modes. Have fun with your friends. We will continue to update different game modes for you to play with your friends.

Visit the theater

You can create your own movie theater for your friends to play and watch on YouTube. Prepare popcorn and pizza!


The more actions you take in a virtual world, the more money you can collect. With that money, you can buy a nice costume from the store and show it to your friends. You can also buy a fantastic firecracker or even change your hairstyle and outfits with a special item. The various missions we have developed will make your virtual world life even more enjoyable.

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