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Pocket Car: VR Ground

Jamong Inc.
  • Build your own car and assemble the parts.
  • Compete with various users with my car.
  • You can reverse the game through various racing strategies and parts replacement through 'PIT IN'.
  • You can watch the game at various points.
  • You can decorate your garage using the money you earn.
  • Participate in higher level races and receive special and various rewards [/ list]

    'Pocket Car: VR Ground' is a multiplayer VR game where you create your own car and launch racing with many users.

    1. Customizing the vehicle [/ h2]
    'Pocket Car: VR Ground' allows you to customize your own vehicle by painting your own car and replacing parts. You can compete by participating in these customized cars.

    2. Racing Strategy & Pit In [/ h2]
    You can create a variety of strategies, taking into account the various courses and characteristics of your vehicle. Depending on your strategy, you can reduce the number of footsteps to a minimum or run faster.
    During the race, you can fit your car, swap wheels yourself, repair parts, or refuel. Quick parts replacement can lead to higher ranking.

    3. Garage customization (to be updated in the first quarter of 19) [/ h2]
     Place a variety of furniture or ornaments in the garage, or display the trophies of the victorious race. You can collect more prize money and move to a bigger and better garage.

    4. Avatar customization (will be added later) [/ h2]
     Avatar customization such as character costume and appearance will be added.

    Will be updated soon [/ h2]
    - Non VR Mode allows you to play without a VR device.
    - Added tutorial.
    - Added store and added parts upgrades.
    - Added the function of decorating my room such as furniture arrangement, garage moving.
    - Added community functions such as adding friends.
    - Added character avatar customization.


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