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Mage VR -Mini Version-

Baptiste Degryse

Do you want to feel the power of mages?

This game is a sort of single player wizard FPS with gestures to chose your weapon (your spell in our case) and you play against fantastic monsters (trolls, spiders, rats, ...).
Your goal in the level is to reach the exit portal alive, and kill all the creatures you find in your way. The slower spells are more efficient than the quick ones.
This game is pretty hard if you don't abuse with the teleportation. Play carefully and move slowly to fight only a few monsters at the time.

There are three open levels, and a secret survival level that you need to discover from the menu. But shh, I didn't say anything. It might have something to do with the lights...
All the levels are available at the start from the menu and you choose the one that you want to try first. 

If you enjoyed it, don't hesitate to rate it and I will make sure to bring this game to another level by creating a complete version with a story, more monsters, better spell controls, ...


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