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Planeta, GIPHY Inc.

Psst, hey you. Have you downloaded GIPHY World VR yet? Why not? Download it now and start exploring a whole new kind of world. This time you are a GIF GOD with the power to create and destroy whacked-out trippy worlds and then fly through them like a bird. Visit a spooky campsite and fill the woods with dancing bears, lock yourself inside a giant chess board and convert it into a human sized hamster cage, or relax on your very own private island and fill the sky with cats, it’s all up to you. The GIPHY assistant will be your faithful companion on this adventure and he’s got your back serving up any GIF you dare to search for. Once you’re done, record a GIF of your creation and share it with the world. 

Featuring Stickers by:
• kans
• Matias Trillo
• Clara Terne
• jellygummies
• Patrick Sluiter 
• Toyoya Li

We can't wait to see what you create!

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