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Space Dream VR

Space Dream VR

Free Demo:
Space Dream is a Virtual Reality Music Visualizer that immerses you in a stunning work of art, a celestial world that pulses with life. Abandoning traditional gameplay for a purely aesthetic experience, Space Dream VR interfaces with your music; pulsating to frequencies of sound.

Demo Features:
- Live Music Visualization! Just play your music, then play the game!
- Trillions of blades of grass, a six-hundred-thousand particle galaxy, and ultra detailed textures on every surface.
- Galaxy Tour: get taken on a ride through the cosmos without the needing to control your movements.
- Real Time Graphics Benchmarking.

The Full Game:
In the Full Game of Space Dream VR, you assume the role of Jason, an astronaut that has just awakened from cryo-sleep after arriving on an alien planet in an exploration vessel. Your mission is to find and study an artifact; however, during the expedition the unthinkable happens, and you are swept into a world full of sound and beauty. Drive your Exploration Vehicle across an Alien Planet, wander through a Mystical Forest & Dive to the Deep Sea to discover Alien Artifacts that lead you to new and Mysterious Worlds. Rather than defining itself as a ‘game’ or a ‘music visualizer’, Space Dream VR combines elements from both worlds to produce an entirely new genre of interactive entertainment.

- Explore 4 large open-world Environments, with more planned for the future.
- State-of-the-art Music Visualization technology designed by Red Pill VR.
- Free Fly mode or Teleportation mode (For reduced motion sickness)
- Real Time Automatic Graphics Benchmarking.
- Customizable Visual Intensity.

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