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Virtual Reality for Wellbeing - The most powerful anti-stress virtual journey in your iPhone. Studied by well being professionals.

Relaxity is the cutting-edge zen/new age relaxation app to reduce stress and tension, restore body and calm mind down. Do you need a pause from your daily routine? Do you need to find concentration before a new challenge? Relaxity is your way to go. Relaxity introduces custom 360 videos, accessible with iPhone smartphones (5S and above), and supports both classic flat 360 vision and Virtual Reality mode, able to grant a realistic experience, thanks to an optimal level of presence and immersion. Applying positivity principles, Relaxity provides you a wellbeing space, across soothing virtual landscapes, nature sounds and a peaceful voice guide. Relaxity can facilitate relaxation — at home or at work, at start of the day or before going to bed — and concentration, in preparation of a stressing situation: a university exam, a job interview, a meeting with a demanding customer, an event with public speaking, a technical or sales presentation, a sport competition, an important challenge, test or audition.

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