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Mindful Million

Mindful Million

Mindful Million is a virtual reality experience that combines ancient mindfulness techniques with cutting edge neuroscience to guide busy people step-by-step out of stress back into a clear, calm and focused state of mind (and body) in just a few minutes. 

The Science: Your brain acts as a large electrical circuit and the electricity flowing through your brain affects how you think, act, and feel. Through various breathing and concentration methods, Mindful Million show you to upgrade your control of that electricity and switch over to a theta brain state to improve your mental health and over all well being.

The Experience: Slip a virtual reality headset on and you’ll be visually transported to a beautiful landscape where Karlee, your personal mindfulness guide, will show you what to do to feel better on the spot. As you start to relax, you'll float high into the clouds of your mind, learning to pick and choose the thoughts that serve you best. Once your thoughts are managed, relaxation become easier, and you’ll visually ascend even higher into space, where you can look down on your thought clouds, from a distance. Here you’ll gain a fresh perspective on your work and life, and discover new solutions to handle problems once and for all.

Your Results: In addition to feeling more relaxed and calm, you will find yourself re-energized. Brain fog gets replaced with a laser sharp mind ready to take on the world. When you regularly initiate a theta mindset, like we do with Mindful Million, folks see a boost in their creativity and problem solving ability. Solving problems faster means less busy work for you, and more time to do the things you really enjoy. You might find yourself not getting stressed as often, and when tension does come knocking, you’ll be able to recognize it and avoid it before it takes hold.

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