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CoreReboot LLC/DoroteLucci LLC

VR program using Hypnotherapy, color therapy and EMDR to create deep meditative states.

StarflightVR is a new generation mobile Mindfulness app that has been designed to bring you into a state of peace and neural integration to promote health and well being through a 3D flight in space. Bringing you the benefits of various integrative therapy techniques that are incorporated subtly to help support a busy lifestyle. This all comes in a mobile environment that can be used at your own pace in your own time. If you thought you needed to reach for a wine or soothing tea after work-think again. A high tech journey into outer space can get you there just as well. Uniquely suited for a break at work as well as after. StarflightVR will provide you with a deep reset to help you manage anxiety and stress in everyday life. It is beautiful, artistic and innovative-all at your fingertips-with the latest state of the art technology combined with age old therapies. A digital health tool of a different kind that you will fall in love with more and more with regular usage. A renewal fountain and a hip one at that.

- One main experiential VR loop running through a changing and highly visually integrative skyscape
- One additional loop configured to mimic the mind in a state of anxiety and stress which instantly calms
- Music designed to complement the experience of soothing the sympathetic nervous system
- Options for integrating your own sound
- Visual selection so as to enable hands free use
- Option for guided meditation within the app
- Integration of visual tracking therapeutic principles as well as color therapy and Gestalt Psychology principles of perceptual organization


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