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One of the 1st entrants in VR meditation apps.Guided Meditation VR is a virtual reality relaxation app where you can recharge in exotic locations across the universe. Meditation made simple & visual, built from the ground up for VR. Leave the worries of your life for a short virtual vacation across 17 environments, and return calmer and stronger. Find your happy place. Bring peace, joy, and calm back into your daily life with the virtual relaxation app Guided Meditation VR. Use at home or work, while your mind vacations in exotic locations across the universe.

- Environments: Escape the everyday in one of over 4 lush environments, each with 4 unique meditation spots.
- Guided meditations: Enjoy over 25 free guided sessions in Zen, Loving Compassion, or Relaxation. Learn ancient meditation practices in a cutting-edge way.
- Customization: Prefer meditating on your own? Like music? No music? Customize your meditations to be perfect, just for you.
- Biofeedback: The world's first VR app to measure heart rate in virtual reality without add-ons.
- Free updates: Enjoy new spaces and meditations in FREE future updates.


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