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Virtual World tour is a sort of game/app in which whole world is just a one step away. Close your eyes wear your google card board and you are in Paris, India, New York, Dubai. Basically its a VR game having different cities and world famous places to visit you at your place. Its very difficult to go Dubai and visit Burj, but in this app it's just one click away. Visit Statue of liberty, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower and Burj Khaliifa.

It's not just a virtual 360 view - it's a tour! You can move where you want to go, just look towards the point where you want to go. In future updates we are going to add a lot more new places to visit, exciting world places you ever dream to go, we will take you there in just one click. A splendid virtual tour.

- Virtual tour
- Virtual View/360 degree view
- World's different locations
- Google Cardboard optimization
- VR optimization


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