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VR Cosmic Tour

Zabuza Labs

Your spaceship has arrived the cosmic space. You are left alone to explore the outer space. 
There is no one around you. The closest living being is about few light years away from you. In cosmic tour VR, you can find yourself exploring though the universe. Go all around the universe and feel the beauty of the universe through google cardboard glasses. Here is the place where you will see what you always dreamed of. It’s a different type of roller coster which will take you all over to the top of the space.

- A fully immersive VR experience with good head tracking, specially designed for google cardboard glasses.

- With the help of gyro, the game supports head tracking which lets you view the space in 360 degrees 

- Amazing graphics of cosmos, stars, satellites & space hubris as well.

- Highly futuristic sound track. Keep you headphones on and enjoy the cosmic space vr ride.



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