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Experience Virtual Reality, find into new adventure of your environment, explore VR World. Its mind blowing! Virtual Reality cinema video player will amaze you with its growing collection of dynamic video experiences. Using the cardboard and a device supporting games, you can watch your favorite cinema movies of all times, like sniper shooting, hunting, wildlife extreme videos, roller coaster adventure, Music Videos, Sports, Football, Dance and Halloween horror videos. It is much easier than it was ever before. You simply have your mobile in hand and cardboard, install our app VR cinema Video Player. Do watch with your friends and , and the one you adore, in order to explore the beautiful countryside fields to explore a new location, you have the opportunity to all of the other more interesting things. You are surely going to love this VR app, and once you have installed app then you will forget all other apps, like simple media player, music player, video maker, VR video downloaded. Virtual reality was a future dream, but the dream can be visualized with Oculus VR watching 360 live videos. You can have the joy of video and cardboard used Oculus VR.

Using internet connection, you can play videos live in Virtual reality Video Player and land into a new world of excitement. There are a number of movies, video clips saved in our mobiles, and we are simply too lazy to transfer them to any device to watch them in Virtual reality environment, but the wait is over now, now you can play your device videos anywhere you want. You want to enjoy any special occasion's video saved in your mobile with your friends, then you are relieved now. also simple videos seem boring once you have watched them in HD or VR 360.

- Light size App
- Unlimited video length support
- Superview 360° VR Video
- 360º 3D: Left and Right eye 360 movie for a full 3D VR Video experience
- 360° panorama video
- Single video Player
- Full Screen size options
- Move head up, down, Left and Right.


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