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Flow For Breath- VR

CoreReboot LLC.

Flow for Breath VR is a mobile VR app that will help center your thoughts and calm your mind through deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing is a natural tranquilizer and, practiced in an all immersive environment, it has far reaching benefits. The practice of deep breathing has the following benefits:

- increases serotonin and calms the mind
- helps expel damaging toxins
- lowers heart and respiratory rates
- lowers blood pressure
- enhances mood

Choose any one of five state settings:
- Happiness
- Calm
- Focus
- Energize
- Core breathing

Flow for Breath is part of a new generation wellness mobile application system. This system will bring you wellness products which work with your natural biosystem. It was researched and created by a clinical hypnotherapist and mindfulness coach to bring you a quick and efficient method to shift into a state of balance, flow, health and focus with ease. Choose your path and be on your way to deeper breathing effortlessly. Like sitting in a hot tub with mineral spring water and soaking in whole body wellness inside and out. The app also features an introduction exercise that will help you center into flow right away. For maximum benefit, use on a regular basis for just 5-10 minutes per day as the effect is cumulative.


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