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Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) allows the immersion of an individual into an environment that would otherwise be unsafe, unwise, or impractical for treatment of mental health issues. IDEGO’s “Virtual Engagements” combine the building blocks of traditional cognitive therapies with gamification strategies and virtual reality technology to provide unprecedented access to private, self-led, user-focused programs to achieve better mental health. As users advance through a series of progressive level changes and increasingly difficult tasks to overcome the issue, they have the ability to escape using a safeguard, or “Calm World,” allowing a customizable pace; this new methodology is known as Deferred Individualized Gradated Immersive Therapy (D.I.G.I.T).

IDEGO’s content will initially address fears and phobias, but will expand into treatment for PTSD, autism, depression, anxiety, aging diseases and other conditions in addition to Wellness modules. Through a partnership with SenseTech, we plan on integrating IDEGO’s experiential, immersive D.I.G.I.T. method with biofeedback capabilities of the SenseBand, a wearable, to gain insights into the brain-heart connection by identifying emotions, stress levels, and recovery rates for the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Our vision is to leverage these emerging technologies to develop a digital ecosystem that not only provides users access to personalized, evolving self-care, but also educates and enables a supportive community that will inspire users to BEGIN WITHIN.


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