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Samsung #BeFearless Fear of Public Speaking – Business Life


This VR app is designed by Samsung to help you overcome your fear of public speaking. In Business Life, you’ll learn to speak comfortably in five scenarios that are most relevant to work life: job interview, business lunch, team meeting, management presentation, and job fair. The app responds to your voice volume, speaking pace, eye contact, and heart rate. Be fearless and overcome your fear of public speaking When paired with the Gear S series, your heart rate can also be measured, providing even more information to gauge your progress.

- Headsets and microphone are required for better voice recognition.
- You can turn on/off Gear S Series connection in Option page.
- You can record yourself by turning on recording function in Option page.
Visit the #BeFearless website at www.samsung.com/launchingpeople and look for our tutorial videos for detailed information on how to get started.

Fear Ends Where Courage Begins.
Samsung Launching People

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