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Angst - The Panic Attack

Indieflix, Inc.

AngstVR is a companion piece to the documentary, Angst: Raising awareness around anxiety.

Anxiety attacks are endured by millions around the world. Their suffering is unimaginable to peers and loved ones who struggle to know how to help them. Until now. “Angst, the Panic Attack” takes us through the agony of a panic attack and the relief of overcoming it in a raw yet elegant, interactive virtual reality experience.


Synopsis -

It’s the day of the big science test. Your peers casually converse and prepare to do their best while you struggle to even pick up a pencil. As the test begins, your anxiety and fears kick in. The entire environment becomes an inescapable source of panic triggers – one after the next, sending you relentlessly spiraling into a claustrophobic tunnel of anxiety. Your only hope is the teacher.


Please note: The Panic Attack is not for everyone. People who have experienced panic attacks or extreme anxiety might not want to participate. However there are many who don’t quite understand how challenging it can be when one is experiencing a panic attack.

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