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Lifeliqe VR Museum

Lifeliqe, Inc

Lifeliqe VR Museum brings Lifeliqe's interactive learning experiences into VR!

The app is now presenting an unmatched volume of 1,000+ Interactive 3D models and 20 VR experiences to allow teachers and students to learn K-12 science in exciting and immersive way. Explore 10 categories of 3D models covering Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science or Math. Learn about a cell, join prehistoric dinosaurs for a walk, or take on a journey to Space around International Space Station.

Lifeliqe immersive learning experiences empower teachers to spark light bulb moments in students. By visualizing scientific concepts and environments that would be otherwise inaccessible, learners can boost their curiosity and learning passion. Lifeliqe VR Museum works best as an extension for Lifeliqe curriculum available in a separate Lifeliqe web app. Learn more on how to use Lifeliqe VR Museum in your classroom at lifeliqe.com.

What's New

1000+ 3D models in 10 categories
20 VR experiences
Interactive games in VR experiences
Automatic voice narrator
Introductory text for every model
New menu with color-distinct sections for better navigation of the user
New Adaptive Resolution feature set up for better experience


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