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Universe Sandbox ²

Create and destroy on an unimaginable scale while exploring our beautiful cosmos. Universe Sandbox ² is an awe-inspiring experience in a scientifically-accurate space and gravity simulator.

With unlimited power and unlimited freedom, you can create and explore both fantastical and realistic scenarios. Fly through our solar system, vaporize planets with a giant laser, or hurl stars around with a flick of the wrist. Fly along with New Horizons past Pluto and its moons or explore our neighboring TRAPPIST-1 system and its recently discovered Earth-like planets.

Whether you want to stand next to the Sun, put a few moons in orbit around Venus, or rapid-fire asteroids at Earth and watch the destruction unfold, the sandbox is yours. Unlimited possibilities are waiting.

Includes desktop mode with cross-platform support for save & load for even greater control. Create and fine-tune your system in desktop mode then explore it in VR.


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