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Featured Placement

Here are the four (4) featured placement options available to partners. You can be featured on the home page, a category page, or the newsletter or choose to be featured in all three places together. Pricing follows.

Home Page [30 days]:

RenewVR will feature your app on the home page for 30 days alongside featured and curated apps.

Attract customers straight away with this front and center placement bound to grab attention from consumers seeking quick recommendations.


Category Page [30 days]:

RenewVR will feature your app on one or more category pages for 30 days alongside related apps.

The benefit of positioning next to apps in your category is that customers will find you by way of searching for other apps in your category.


Newsletter Feature:

RenewVR will feature your app in it's newsletter alongside news in heath and transformative tech.

Your company and app will not be positioned as a sponsor but rather highlighted as a feature.


Full Feature Placement Package:

RenewVR will feature your app in every possible place on RenewVR and in our newsletter.

This is your maximum-value maximum-visibility package available and gives you the most bang for your buck! Get the most RenewVR has to offer.


RenewVR News

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