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Entrenched in a physics-based, no consequences playground, experience three main types of mini-game stations

A surreal journey through a 360o 3D animated world of living sculptures

Have fun discovering new characters and objects by solving the play formulas in the magic book.

Munx VR is a software for building memory palaces in virtual reality

Enjoy walking around and interacting with some parts of it just like you were there

Join our growing community as you explore, play, and help craft the future of social VR

Here you can build buildings, eat food, and do whatever you want to do

Live out your DJ fantasy in Futurespace, a VR music rhythm game set in the cyberpunk future of 2049

Immerse yourself in an interactive sonic environment where you build, drop, remix, and jam with your friends and top artists

Make a world of your own using real data and free 3D models

Step into EXA and experience an entirely new dimension of musical creativity

A unique way to compose music in VR by physically manipulating the melodies and beats you write

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