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“On Ice” tells the story of an over-the-top, sci-fi themed ice show and its star, and a competition from an unlikely rival.

Munx VR is a software for building memory palaces in virtual reality

Turbo Soccer VR is an ultimate football simulator created exclusively for Virtual Reality

This is a vr basketball game with a few new things in the genre!

Use the platforms attached to your controller to guide little creatures through their quest to find a new lair

Embody a Parisian cat in VR and live the everyday life of a feline: walking, jumping, night-watching and clawing

You Are a Camp Counselor taking care of 4 kids. Keep the children entertained, or they'll leave and wander off

Esper is a puzzle game set entirely in a single room

Overlay your monitors and keyboard inside any virtual environment

Grab your safety goggles and set out on a chemical-burning, liquid-stirring, camera-whirring competition in HoloLAB Champions

Waba is an interactive video game character, empathic petting simulator, and virtual wobble pet

Build up your menu and cook on all manner of different equipment to craft your recipes


RenewVR News

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