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Reduce stress and tension, restore body and calm mind down, voice guide and nature sounds

Combining ancient mindfulness techniques with cutting edge neuroscience, mindfulness guide

Meditate by the beach on a tropical island, guided meditation sessions, different meditation platforms

Action/racing VR game, strategy and science, educational 

ASMR, yoga, meditation and different experiences like rollercoaster, skydiving etc.

Mindfulness and guided meditation, a variety of relaxing environments, meditation biofeedback

Meditation guide, mindfulness with body scan and emotional freedom technique, beautiful locations

GPU driven simulation space, relax and take the stress of the day away

Relax and calm yourself in under five minutes while exploring the wonders of a bioluminescent forest

A peaceful guided meditation experience with an innovative, new approach to relaxing the entire body

Pulse-pounding rhythm-based gameplay, psychedelic animations, pulsing visuals, intense music

Decrease your stress levels through an immersive experience with music and guided meditation

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RenewVR News

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