This recovery reinforcement tool helps the newly sober make the difficult transition from rehab to the real world.


Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality, share your creations, walk around your art


Blocks makes creating 3D models easy, clean and sophisticated design, easy and fun


Fearless helps you overcome your fears, gradually and at your own pace, using virtual reality.

Space Dream VR

Music visualizer, aesthetic experience, galaxy tour, art and storytelling

Start VR

Explore surreal caverns of fractal generated crystals, music of some of the world's best digital composers

Framestore VR Studio

Visit Hawaii in VR, have a local guide, paragliding, get a tour of the islands

Wevr, Inc.

Explore an enchanted VR world created by Jon Favreau (director of The Jungle Book, Chef, Iron Man)

Penrose Studios

Animated VR film about loneliness, friendship, love, and loss, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival

Chubby Pixe

Experiential game, explore wonderful places, beautiful island environment, relaxing

Dmytry Lavrov

Music, lasers, serene and peaceful space scenery, variety of different levels, music visualizer

Interactive Moolt Parovoz Studio

Watch beautifully told stories, explore the environment, play different games, paint and draw

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