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  • Wellness + Virtual Reality

    Relax, inspire, and improve yourself through virtual reality
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Little Star Media Inc.

Cinema network app for 360º video and immersive experiences


A tranquil camp environment, guided relaxation optional

Notes on Blindness

A documentary from the perspective of a blind man, John Hull

The Campfire Union Inc.

A single, relaxing, beautiful sunset sitting on a beach.

Penrose Studios, Inc.

Allumette tells the story of a young orphan girl who lives in a fantastical city in the clouds, inspired by 'The Little Match Girl'

Dr. Phil

This recovery reinforcement tool helps the newly sober make the difficult transition from rehab to the real world.


Take a relaxing trip to the DreamTank, a sweeping musical journey that takes you through randomly generated alien worlds in an interaction-light VR experience.


Fearless helps you overcome your fears, gradually and at your own pace, using virtual reality.

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