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  • Wellness + Virtual Reality

    Relax, inspire, and improve yourself through virtual reality
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Escapist Games Limited

Explore the solar system in a beautiful and accurate real-time space simulation


Sprint across a futuristic neon rooftops, jumping across vertiginous drops and collecting power-ups


Integrates entertainment, gaming and communications, design your personified space


Virtual reality sci-fi shooter-adventure game with cutting-edge visuals and immersive gameplay


Walk around a futuristic spacecraft and explore an expansive star system with planets and moons

Kennedy Space Center

Explore the solar system, learn about the tools NASA uses, learn about each planet


Travel through the solar system, realistic textures and effects

ProVR Games

Observe all planets and the sun closely. Educative and suitable for both parents and children

Caleb Coffie

Fly trough our solar system and explore the planets and the moon


Explore the solar system in virtual reality environment and learn about planets


Spectacular snow landscape with 360 degree view, you can fly and walk through the landscape


360 degree view of sky diving from 30000 feet, feel like soaring like an eagle in clear blue sky

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